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For an adjustable-rate mortgage, the index is a benchmark interest rate that reflects general market conditions and the margin is a number set.

In an ARM, the interest rate indicated by adding the current index value and the margin. A limit on the amount that the interest rate can increase or decrease at the first adjustment date for an ARM. A limit on the amount that the interest rate can change up or down on any adjustment date.

A 30 year 1/1 ARM has an initial rate of 5%. In the future the rate will reset to 250 basis points above the LIBOR index subject to a 2/3/4 rate cap structure. Suppose at the first reset, the LIBOR was 2%. What is the maximum interest rate the borrower can be charged at the time of the second reset?

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Freddie Mac creates ARM securities that adjust based on the indices most frequently demanded by investors. As of January 2000, 58% of all Freddie Mac ARM PCs outstanding were based on two popular indices: the One year (weekly) treasury (1-year CMT) and the 6-month LIBOR.

Once the introductory period ends, the ARM begins resetting at regular intervals. For example, after five years, the introductory period of a 5/1 ARM expires and the loan’s interest rate will reset annually. Index. Adjustments to ARM loans are tied to movements in financial markets and the values of certain indexes, which are widely published.

To set the ARM rate, the lender takes the index rate and adds an agreed-upon number of percentage points, called the margin. The index rate can change, but the margin does not. For example, if the index is 1.25 percent and the margin is 3 percentage points, they are added together for an interest rate of 4.25 percent.

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Interest Rate Mortgage History Definition of Interest Rate – FHA.com – The interest rate on your loan is a percentage of the loan amount that you pay the lender as the cost for borrowing money. A mortgage can have a fixed or adjustable interest rate.Which Of These Describes How A Fixed-Rate Mortgage Works? Our Privacy Policy | Ally – A few things you should know. ally financial Inc. (NYSE: ALLY) is a leading digital financial services company. ally Bank, the company’s direct banking subsidiary, offers an array of deposit and mortgage products and services.

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