The Magic Land Calculator. 25 likes. A utility to help you calculate how many land to start building your decks with whether its 40 or 60 cards.


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The questions that we want to answer, such as "How many lands is.. questions I asked above had us calculating the optimal land count based.

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Updated Jan 25, 2019 by Caleb_Aurion using our MTG Deck Builder. Not a deck designed to win or even function well. The whole point of this deck is to force a .

MTG Mana Calculator Calculate your Magic The Gathering deck’s mana requirements! Results Modifier . 1 Deck Totals. The total number of non-mana cards in your deck, and the total CMC of all non-mana cards. Total Creatures + Spells Total CMC . 2 Mana Breakdown.

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Magic Mana Calculator. Designed by the_tpup / Tony Pagliocco. Magic the gathering mana calculator. This is a free tool for people to come up with the correct land counts for their Magic the Gathering decks. Note: This is a beta – there are some quirky bugs but I’ve found ways to fix them – I’ll.

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